Thursday, September 3, 2015


NJHS members have the opportunity to become officers, the leaders of the group.

Officers are elected each August.  They keep their position for one school year.  If officers do not uphold their duties, they will receive a warning, and if there is still no improvement, there will be a hearing to determine whether they will keep their position.  If an officer is removed, elections for that position will be held again.

President (8th grade student)
  • Calls and presides over meetings
  • Provides leadership skills
  • Organizes fundraisers in conjunction with the Vice-President
  • Meets with adviser prior to each meeting to review agenda
  • Participates in annual induction ceremony
Vice-President (7th grade student)
  • Helps preside over chapter meetings in the absence of the President
  • Organizes fundraisers for the chapter
  • Participates in annual induction ceremony
Secretary (7th or 8th grade student)
  • Records minutes at all group meetings
  • Submits meeting minutes via email to the adviser and members within one or two days
  • Helps adviser with organization at meetings
  • Obtains service opportunities and reports at meetings
  • Works with the adviser to make any necessary changes to chapter bylaws
  • Participates in annual induction ceremony
Treasurer (7th or 8th grade student)
  • Keeps track of all expenses, dues, and other financial transactions
  • Participates in annual induction ceremony

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