Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meetings and Activities

Meetings are held on Thursdays during lunch in room F20, and are announced ahead of time.

 In NJHS we do mostly social service activities, but to be able to participate in these activities we have to do fundraising activities in school. Additionally, we organize activities for students and teachers to participate in. 
Some of the activities that we did last school year are:
  • Social Service outside of school:  Fundacion El Portal is a fundamental activity that the NJHS organization attends to.  This is an opportunity for students to share many moments with the children from the Fundacion EL Portal. The NJHS community helps to take care of the kids and play with them, to take them away from reality for just a few hours and have fun with them.
  • Social Service with the Hogar: NJHS likes to help the Hogar Nueva Granada  in many different ways. One of the activities NJHS likes to do with the Hogar is to help some families with their food on Easter Break. The students gather food and then go to the Hogar and hand it to the families. In this activity, the students get to talk with the people and share experiences with them. We also organize activities for CNG students or NJHS members to go to the Hogar and integrate with students. We get to talk to the adults in the Hogar and the students.
  • Helping with CNG school activities: We as the NJHS like to do fundraisers in order to raise money for important events, and we are able to obtain the money required by coming up with creative new games and activities that the MS Community have never seen like the bubble soccer tournament (which is basically soccer just with a big bubble wrapped around you) and bake sales(where we sale baked goods and candy not usually found at school). In addition, we like to involve ourselves in bigger plans the school made such as the Halloween activities, but we like to add some fun to the equation. For example: Last year we made a photo booth where people could take pictures as well as helped organize the assembly. Lastly, we organized teachers’ day by nominating and electing the best teachers there were.

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